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Samsung Camera "NX Series Launching Event"
Date 2013-02-27 오전 1:47:49 Client Samsung Camera

Recently, in the camera market a new keyword has been the talk of the town and 'Smart' it is. As Wi-Fi becomes popular, and as public becomes unsatisfied with the definition of mobile phones triggered the appearance of 'Smart Camera'. Camera used to emphasize the aspect of technology only but now they have been combined with sensibility and a 'smart camera' which is now able to communicate and share.


Behind the success of smart camera, there are efforts of Samsung Camera and GRAPE PR & Consulting who are in charge of media PR.


With the appearance of smart camera NX from Samsung camera, we created a new concept of camera culture which is sending it straight after taking the picture. Samsung smart cameras can send pictures through e-mail or upload it on SNS under Wi-Fi- condition. Also pictures can be saved at Smartphones at anytime through radio transmission.